Five reasons that all top IoT players use Muhwa’s Lens

1. Muhwa enables your ID design sleek, flexible, modern, and unique.

Muhwa makes the customized lens according to your unique ID design of the product and your ideal PIR performance, breaking the stereotype of Fresnel lens (shape, color, and design) and building the sleek, unique, modern, and high-quality one for your product.

2. Muhwa provides a total solution: One-stop shopping experience at Muhwa.

(design, verification, and manufacturing)


3. First fully automatic PIR testing field in the world. (Certificated)


4. Full automatic insert-molding technology.

Muhwa’s built up the first full automatic insert-molding manufacturing process in the world. The benefit of insert-molding: Water-proof and Cost effective. (no labor, no glue)

insert mold1.png

5. Muhwa providesfeedback and suggestion at your ID & mechanical designing phase.


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